ENROLLMENT IS NOW ON-GOING FOR THE 10th ChanRobles Internet Bar Review for the 2020 Bar Exams

  • ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc. is not a Law School. Thus, it cannot issue cerfications for refreshers in compliance with Rule 138 of the Rules of Court.

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Why is a separate PRE-MONTH/PRE-WEEK LECTURE Course necessary?


Our pre-bar lectures and materials remain excellent pre-week materials since they are recorded and stored in our database and are available online until the very last day of the bar examinations. They may thus be viewed and revisited any time, most especially during the pre-month or pre-week period.

However, by way of distinction, the pre-month/pre-week lectures and materials would be featuring mainly the last-minute well-informed opinions, tips, predictions and forecasts of the selected bar reviewers for each of the bar subjects, based on their comprehensive analytical knowledge, up-to-date statistical study and inference, proven expertise and long experience not only as pre-bar reviewers but most importantly, as pre-week lecturers.

Simply put, while the pre-bar lectures and materials broadly cover almost all the topics in the Supreme Court-prescribed Syllabi for the eight (8) bar subjects, the pre-month/pre-week lectures are focused more sharply and predominantly on the specific topics, issues and questions which the pre-week lecturers feel would be given in the bar exams.

Considering the time constraint and for greater ease and convenience of our enrollees, instead of “pre-week,” we have expanded the time coverage to one (1) month that is why the lectures are basically denominated as “pre-month” since the pre-month/pre-week lecture videos and materials would be available for viewing and/or reading starting 1st day of October.


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